For my friends Ron & Nellie Hintz U.S.A.

  This page is not a high-flyer on genetics. It's rather about: 'How it all started...:'  It was in 1980 that I fell in love with a Birman, the Sacred Cat of Burma, with the intention to keep this one purely as a pet. We never thought about exhibiting or breeding. It simply never crossed our minds!! How different that turned out to be....  Nowadays, several Birman cats have found their new homes in Holland, as well as abroad. However, my husband Arnold was jealous of this first little fluffy Birman and he wanted to have his own pedigree cat. As Arnold was always there for us it seemed a great idea.  His choice, however, was a Maine Coon. Why a Maine Coon, what the heck is a Maine Coon???? We went to several exhibitions, searching for Coonies and at long last we saw three Coonies at an exhibition in the Hague and we talked (as one does) with the German owners. And, of course, our first German Maine Coon arrived in 1982: 'Damina Bint Erin of Charmingcat'( MCO n)   Meanwhile, we read everything possible about the Coon. We kept an eye and ear open at all times for Coonies .  In the end we said to each other: 'We'll do it on our own' We got in touch with Coon-lovers in the USA and in 1983 our first three American Coons arrived. They were: 'Coonshine's Aquilla' (MCO n 09 23), 'Coonshine's Sylvia' (MCO a 22) and 'Sacandaga's Katrina' (MCO n 09 22). These three and Damina were the very first ones with which the breeding of Maine Coons started in Holland.   During all these years we've done a lot of hard work to give the Maine Coon it's popularity in Holland. And it has worked out very well.....!  Throughout the years Arnold, our son Hermann and myself have been going to a lot of exhibitions with our Coonies and in short: we have shared for better and for worse...  Unfortunately, Arnold died a few years ago. Son Hermann has now found his own family-life. I continue, on my own, supported by all my friends and acquaintances.   The good contacts in America are still there and some more Coonies will most certainly make their way to Holland.  Katrina got to the old age of 18, Aquilla died at 17 and Sylvia went on 'till the age of 15.  I certainly hope that all my cats will get to that grand old age.  Am I lonely? Most certainly not!!!   Nelly.